Meet the Arcon Training Center Team!

Katarina Ennerfelt, CEO of both Arcon Training Center and Toroid Corporation, has a background in engineering studies and economics and brings more than 30 years of experience to the companies. Before coming to Toroid Corporation in 2001, Ms. Ennerfelt spent two years with its sister company in the Czech Republic. In 2010, she took over the reins for Arcon Welding Equipment and in 2015 Arcon expanded, opening Arcon Training Center, which now houses GWO Certified Safety Training as well as Welding and Metal Fabrication training.

Christian Ennerfelt, Project Manager and Engineer with Arcon Training Center, leads overall development of the GWO BST training program. Mr. Ennerfelt has a Mechanical Engineering degree and has worked in production, sales, and engineering throughout his career. He played a leading role in the team’s startup and launch of the original Training Center for Welding in 2015, and then the GWO BST wind safety training in 2020.

Jennifer Wawrzeniak, General Manager, Arcon Training Center, joined Arcon in 2016. Jen has a diverse background including more than ten years of management and leadership experience, customer service, purchasing, inventory and accounting. She plays a vital role with Arcon Training Center by assuring operations are running effectively to meet the needs of all participants and employees.

Romona Fontaine, Quality Manager, Arcon Training Center has been involved in Quality Control since 2000 and has achieved ISO certification for Toroid Corporation, Toroid do Brazil, as well as Aerospace certification for Toroid Panesl & Harnesses. She was integral to helping Arcon achieve GWO Certification for the Arcon Training Center.

Kevin Matthews, Training Manager, Arcon Training Center has served Arcon in multiple capacities in manufacturing and production management since 2007. In his current role, he oversees training operations for Arcon’s GWO-certified BST program. Mr. Matthews joined the Offshore Wind Business Network in 2012 and was closely involved in opening the Training Center in 2015. In 2019, he traveled to AIS in the UK to research launching GWO BST in the United States. Due to his extensive background in training for fire services and emergency medical services, he completed a four-week “Train the Trainer” GWO program at AIS in Newcastle in 2020. He then developed Arcon’s GWO BST facilities and programs in collaboration with Christian Ennerfelt, Jennifer Wawrzeniak, and trainer Larry Kent. This effort was guided by AIS in the UK (led by Training Director Fergus Kedrick Lynch).

Daniel Hines, Instructor, Arcon Training Center has a background in emergency services, with almost a decade of experience as a volunteer firefighter and EMT. He has a master’s degree in Education from Salisbury University. Mr. Hines has been trained in working at height, fire operations, and emergency medical training, and has achieved certification as a Rescue Diver thorough the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI).

Lawrence Kent, Trainer, Arcon Training Center began working for Arcon in early 2020. He completed a four-week “Train the Trainer” GWO program at AIS in Newcastle in 2020. Upon his return, he spent several months helping to adapt the current GWO, BST standard to fit the emerging offshore wind training needs of the Mid-Atlantic and northeastern regions of the United States. He was instrumental in procurement of OSHA/ANSI approved training equipment for the center. His background includes 23 years of fire and EMS experience, as well as five years in management roles.