Metal Fab

Basic Metal Fabrication

The Basic Metal Fabrication course will provide 250 hours of evening

metal fabrication

instruction and practice over 14 consecutive weeks. Graduates of the training will be job and career ready and have entry level metal fabricator skills that are necessary to secure employment in the metal fabrication industry.

Students will progress from basic blue print reading and industry math to fundamental A.I.S.C. fitting practices for a variety of metal shapes. This course includes safety for fabricators and an introduction to hand and power tools. Students will develop knowledge for working safely within the industry standards, recognize and avoid potential hazards and receive OSHA trainings and certifications.  

Students will safely work with oxy-fuel and hand-held plasma cutters for cutting steel and incorporate thermal cutting processes.  Through instruction and practice, students will be able to use basic lay-out and measuring tools effectively to prepare for cutting and fit-up.  

Students will be able to identify and demonstrate understanding of the basic AWS welding symbols and various electrodes and their applications.  Tack and stick welding techniques and procedures will be discussed, modeled and practiced.

There will be an introduction to industry structures and processes and students will discover requirements to qualify as metal  fabricators. Metal fabrication training includes 20% classroom and 80% shop time. 

The fabrication graduation ceremony is held with local businesses invited to meet graduates and schedule interviews as the intent behind and expectation of the training is to obtain metal fabrication employment. 

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