Manual Handling – Refresher (MH-R)

Course Overview

GWO Manual Handling Refresher (MH-R) provides a balance of the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain the level of competence set out in the GWO Manual Handling standards.  The course includes a combination of explanation, demonstration and participation in the relevant course elements.  Manual handling practical and theory will be covered throughout working at height activities to ensure delegates can renew both certifications.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing a GWO Manual Handling Refresher training course will be able to;

  • Understand general health and safety duties of employers to provide training and ensure competence of employees
  • Understand personal responsibilities of employees and the self-employed
  • Understand relevant legislation (HSW, WAH, MHSW, LOLER, PUWER, PPE 2002, PPE 1992)
  • Understand basic reference and application of ACOPs, standards and guidelines (e.g., HSE, BS/EN)
  • Understand wind turbine safety rules
  • Safely inspect (prior to use), correctly fit, and use PPE for working at height applications.
  • Safely carry out a self-rescue in a tower or simulated conditions
  • Safely carry out a rescue of a casualty in reach and out of reach conditions
  • Safely carry out a range of ladder rescues

Course Content

A GWO Manual Handling Refresher (MH-R) training course includes;

  1. Health and safety duties and responsibilities
  2. Overview of relevant legislation
  3. Outline of working at height and principles of a hierarchical approach
  4. Basic reference to ACOP
  5. Generic safe system of work
  6. Wind turbine safety
  7. Planning of operations
  8. Manual handling and ergonomics


In order to complete a GWO Manual Handling Refresher (MH-R), delegates must hold:

  • A GWO Manual Handling certificate

GWO Manual Handling certificates – valid for 2 years

0.5 Day

Personnel required to renew a GWO Manual Handling certificate

A good standard of general fitness is required – delegates will complete a medical fitness questionnaire

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