First Aid (FA)

Course Overview

GWO First Aid (FA) provides the skills and knowledge to administer safe and effective first aid in the wind turbine industry.  The training is designed to enable delegates to work in a safe manner and meet emergency response requirements in accordance with GWO Basic Safety Training (BST).  The course involves a combination of practical and theoretical training.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing a GWO First Aid (FA) training course will be able to;

  • Demonstrate understanding of the importance of carrying out first aid in a safe manner
  • Demonstrate first aid in accordance with legislative requirements of their geographic location and according to ERC guidelines
  • Demonstrate awareness of AHA guidelines
  • Identify and explain normal function, vital signs, signs and symptoms of serious and minor injuries and illness related to the human body
  • Demonstrate understanding and correct order of management in an emergency situation in a wind turbine generator environment
  • Demonstrate correct use of lifesaving first aid using the primary survey A-B-C
  • Demonstrate correct use of an automatic external defibrillator (AED)
  • Demonstrate correct use of ordinary first aid, the secondary survey
  • Demonstrate correct use of first aid equipment in a first aid scenario

Course Content

A GWO First Aid training course includes;

  1. Hazards on and offshore
  2. Responsibility of the first aider
  3. Managing minor and serious incidents
  4. Secondary scenarios / exercises


In order to complete a GWO First Aid (FA) course, delegates must:

  • Be WINDA registered before arriving for the course

Whether you are new to the industry, or you would like to upskill in your current role, our wind industry guide provides useful advice and tips on the steps to take.



GWO certificate – valid for 2 years


1.5 Days


Personnel in the wind industry


No specific fitness requirements

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