Fire Awareness (FAW)

During the Fire Awareness module (FAW) participants address a very important concern, Fire Operations based in a Turbine Setting, imparting the Knowledge and skills for appropriate extinguishment and subsequent evacuation. Participants learn about fire behavior, how to try properly and safely to extinguish a fire, and quite possibly the most important part, how to limit the chances of fire in the first place. In order to make the training as realistic as possible, all of our extinguisher training is done with live fire evolutions.

The GWO BST  (Global Wind Organization Basic Safety Training) at the Arcon Training Center provides an array of training options for a variety of participants. Whether participants are here for the Offshore or Onshore BST, they will leave with a range of skills that will prepare them for field work in renewable energy. Our training modules consist of 5 different GWO Accredited course offerings, geared to encompass all of the facets involved in working safely in the wind industry. Our training is designed to build upon itself and provide participants the foundational skills to grow and build a long career in the wind industry. The Arcon Training Center regularly updates our programs to comply with the latest guidance supplied by GWO. The refresher course is required every 2 years to keep these GWO certifications valid. All successful Courses are uploaded to WINDA to maintain current records.


Additional BST courses:

Our Manual Handling (MH) section provides participants the knowledge and skill-based training to implement and maintain proper techniques encompassing many aspects of human performance and safety. This module is a half day course and can be taken as a standalone course. The Working at Heights module is often taken with our Manual Handling module as they share some training aspects. The Working at Heights (WAH) module provides the skills and knowledge to work safely at any potential height, as well as the knowledge of how to identify and mitigate risks prior to leaving the ground, along with Basic Rescue Operations. This module is a day and a half (13 hours and 25 minutes) standalone course.  These two modules can be combined into 2 days of training, and will impart a safety-forward mindset that carries throughout all 5 modules.

With such a strong emphasis on safety and the likelihood of remote working environments, First Aid (FA) is one module participants rarely omit. While basic, the First Aid module provides the skills and knowledge needed to act in an emergency situation to get everyone home as safely as possible. Covering everything from chronic medical conditions to traumatic injuries, participants are exposed to the core principles of first aid and taught the skills needed to save a life during an accident or emergency.

Sea Survival (SS) is the module that differentiates our Onshore BST program from our Offshore program. Participants get to see various types of sea survival equipment and utilize all of them in different training scenarios. Throughout Sea Survival the utilization of appropriate Personal Fall  Protection Equipment (PFPE) and PPE, while participants transfer from a Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV), flip an inverted raft, practice signaling skills, Group Swimming and Survival Tactics and many other competences geared toward worst-case scenarios offshore.

All 5 of these modules are designed to build from, and work within, each other to give participants the strongest foundation that they can. Participants are in a position to take a variety of courses that will build on the knowledge and skills gained during the BST, all while growing in their career and companies. At the Arcon Training Center, we don’t just provide classes, we provide the foundation for a successful and safe career in the wind industry.

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